Clash Royale needs to nerf the elite barbarians!

Hey clashers! Today im gonna complain about the elite barbarians being TOO strong and making players rage.

This post isn’t gonna be that long. So anyways, i think clash Royale needs to nerf the elite barbs immediately because i think they are too OP. I personally use the ebarbs because well its obvious (they’re strong). 

But that doesn’t keep me from thinking clash Royale should nerf them.

So ya that’s gonna be this post. So what do you think? Do you think clash Royale should nerf the elite barbarians? Message me in the comment section!!



Clash royale, funny trick series #1

Hey clashers, today im gonna tell you a cool trick in clash Royale, for this trick you will need the tornado.

So for this trick, the only card you need is the tornado. This only works if the opponent has a miner.

When your opponent deploys a miner on bottom side of a building, take your tornado and deploy it at exactly where the middle will go on the king tower, after that, the miner will be on target to the king tower, and that will also activate the king tower. Its pretty funny!
That’s all clashers


Clash Royale new (Red) event 

Hey fellow clashers! Today I am going to talk about the new (Red) event in clash Royale!

If you all have ios, then this post is for you, (android doesn’t have the red event). 

So this is the red event, the red event is that you buy packs and then help people with AIDS and HIV. In clash Royale You can buy a $5.00 pack in which you get a custom red king tower and 500 gems. (I bought the pack just to help the people).

So ya, that’s all you need to know for the red event, oh and it ends on December 6th. 

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Clash Royale, new best deck?

Hey fellow clashers! Today we are gonna talk about a new overpowered deck I made!

I call it “mega musketeer”. 

  • Hog rider
  • Mega minion 
  • 3 musketeers 
  • Skeleton army
  • Princess (can be replaced with archers or arrows)
  • Zap
  • Fire spirits
  • Rage

This deck is all about offense and defense. A lot of my friends have played with my deck, and have gotten a 15-0 win streak!      Only use the 3 musketeers when you have taken down one tower, never use it if no towers have been destroyed. Use the hog rider, fire spirits and princess for offense to take down one tower, princess will be for the skeleton army (if they have one), and the fire spirits for the minion horde (if they have one). 

Only use the mega minion for defense, such as a Valkyrie. Use zap for defense also. The skeleton army is only for tanks like a giant or pekka. 

Once you take down one tower, use 3 musketeers in the middle top and then rage it immediately. Two towers will be down.

You will have a huge chance of winning. 
Have fun clashers!

Clash Royale, new balance update to nerf tombstone and mega minion

If you all have heard, clash Royale announced a new balance change to clash Royale. And some players aren’t gonna like it. 
Clash Royale is about to nerf the tombstone and the mega minion (yes, the mega minion). This change is also going to buff the elixer collector and the poison spell. 

Here are the troops that are in the new balance update 

  • Tombstone will now spawn skeletons at 2.9 seconds, before it used to do it at 2.6. 
  • Mega minion is getting a 6% damage decrease.
  • Lava pups are getting a one percent HP decrease, (not a big deal though).
  • Elixer collector will now make elixer at 8.5 seconds instead of 9.5, but the lifetime will be reduced to 70 seconds instead of 80
  • Poison is getting a 10% damage increase.

These balance changes are set to release on November 30.
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Bye clashers!